As an aspiring storyteller and presentation creator I want to use this and upcoming articles to share my learning lessons during my journey in order to provide you some value as the reader. It is also a great tool for me to get better at my craft in order to become a master storyteller.

What I want to talk about today is the flow within stories, presentations or any showcase you want to present to an audience or customer base.

When we think of the structure of a presentation, it is always the same:

The intro, the main part, the end.

To come up with content to fill in those parts is easy, but is still not enough.

What really holds the attention of the viewer or listener is to connect those parts smoothly.

Here are some examples that you could implement, too.

First Example:

Let´s say you begin your presentation with a story.

Maybe you begin with telling an incident/problem you had and how it affected your life.

When you present in the main part the detailed solution you came up with, you could end the presentation with a sequel of the story at the beginning. Maybe something about your positive results after implementing the solution and beyond.

Another Example:

Let´s assume you give a presentation about a software that helps you optimize your business.

One feature of the software is data management and the other is about data security.

Watch how I would transition from the feature "data management" to "security":

"Managing your data has never been so easy before. But easy managing should not equal easily stolen, right? You may have very sensitive data of your customers that were trusted to you. That´s why the following security system..."

A great flow makes it a lot more interesting for your audience.

Take the time to be more creative about your storyline.

You will multiply your results.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.