I joined Hyperloop as a marketing contributor: my purpose-driven decision and personal milestone

“A Concorde, a rail gun and an air hockey table”, that´s how Elon Musk described first what his concept of Hyperloop was about a couple years ago.

Already sold on the idea, I couldn´t wait to see his idea turning into reality and changing the outcome of our future forever. This fascination even made me giving a speech back then for my Toastmasters club about Hyperloop and why people should give moonshot ideas a chance to manifest.

And now, I am happy to say I have the chance to be part of that mission that will make a huge impact on mankind, where I will pour all my skills and experiences into it to make it successful.


Unlike getting the paid internship at RE´FLEKT, there wasn´t a sophisticated strategy I laid out to get my foot in the door.

The process of getting in there consisted of a couple messages back and forth.

Well, not exactly…. there´s more to it.

Our previous Head of Marketing, Dirk Schart, left RE´FLEKT two months ago to embark on his next venture: taking on the position of the Executive Officer to build the Innovation Lab at Hyperloop. I have been working with him together for over a year now and I see him as a mentor around marketing for innovations. He was the man who gave me a shot to work at RE´FLEKT and I try to learn as much as possible from him whenever we collaborate together.

Scrolling through LinkedIn two weeks ago, I came across his post about Hyperloop´s search for contributors to help build the Innovation Lab.

My intuition kicked in immediately.

“If there is anything I can do today to get closer to fullfilling my purpose, then it is to just send a simple message and offer value.”, I thought.

At this time, I didn´t expect anything. The only thing I cared about was to get any involvement in this company, no matter how minuscule it was.

So I executed… and asked if there is anything I could assist him with.

Indeed, he was looking for some help. And my biggest strength I could offer him was exactly what he needed: business storytelling for creating pitches.

We clarified the details and within a day, I was part of the team.


It happened to fast, even after two weeks I cannot realize that this is true and the opportunity that I was given here.


Being a contributor at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is a vital stepping stone on my journey for two reasons:

1. I have the opportunity to take my storytelling skills to the next level

This new chapter at Hyperloop will be a big league for my aptitudes since the stakes for delivering results are higher.

For now, my tasks will be mainly about putting my storytelling skills into practice by creating pitches and also tasks dedicated to marketing activities that are important to help the company grow and succeed in the long-run.

2. Living my life´s purpose

My contribution has also a deep meaning for me and how it is connected to my purpose:

Help spreading innovations that create an better future.

I didn´t care about having the onboarding call with Hyperloop´s Head of Marketing on a Friday evening at 11 pm. There was nothing better at this time than discussing the opening of a new chapter in my purpose-driven journey.

Not only do I want the end goal of making my purpose a reality, I also want the process of actually doing it.


This is just a contributor position, but I feel grateful for being part of this.

Right at this second, I feel focused and eager to deliver what´s necessary to make Hyperloop Transportation Technologies a success.

My involvement is still small since I started out recently, but let´s see how it evolves and hopefully, it is gonna be for a long time.

I know a lot of effort and sacrifice of leisure time will be necessary, considering that my calendar is already packed with the full time internship at RE´FLEKT plus growing my own storytelling business while continuing to deliver high quality work, but the time and sweat equity I pay in the short-term will pay off for centuries.

Thank you Dirk Schart and Julia Soriano for the smooth onboarding. Looking forward to giving my best!

Okay, back to work.