Remember the last time you had a sales meeting with a prospect? You show all the crazy features that can skyrocket your customer´s life. You worked so hard creating this product but your customer just doesn´t get what´s in it for him. While showing your excitement to your customer, a bored face is all you get in return. He probably checks his phone while you go through your pitch deck, antedating/preponing the meeting with one of your competitors on the same day.

Time passes after the meeting, the prospect puts you on hold and you cannot take the relationship to the next stage. It´s somehow stuck. You try to get in contact with the company, but it´s the same old excuse that you get: “We´ll think about that.”? 9 out of 10 times, you will not hear anything from that prospect again. Sounds familiar? Perhaps even recently?

Maybe you had the following situation: a prospect requested some info about your product via email, you send him your standard pitch deck with all the benefits and details why your product and your company is the ultimate thing your customer has been waiting for. Excited to receive the order, you only get silence. Your follow-up emails end up nowhere. And if you are lucky, they respond with “we are still benchmarking other providers in your area”. An answer every company hates to hear from their prospects.

One deal lost can compound in two deals. Then somehow it´s the 5th in a row you couldn´t win. Suddenly, it´s number 10 and your knees start shaking receiving the financial reports.

This can be a nerve-wrecking situation, especially when you are in a startup phase where every sale counts and decides whether you will contribute to a positive impact in your customers´ lives or it all ends with the death of your company and your honorable ambitions to change the world.

But before you start to raising more money or firing your employees out of despair to keep your startup afloat, there´s still hope and a way to change the course of your destiny.

What if you could provide your customer with clarity over the benefits of your product and, at the same time, engage them in a captivating way from the beginning of the sales presentation until the moment the order gets signed?


Through a narrative sales presentation, you can utilize the principles of storytelling to deliver your pitch in an engaging way. It portrays your customer as the hero of the story and positions you, the seller, as a mentor who guides your customer in the background.

Compared to most sales pitches companies use, a narrative sales presentation hooks your buyer logically AND emotionally to increase your sales success.




" Robert has a great sense of business storytelling. He knows how to create a storyline and maintain the attention of the audience till the end. He provides lots of value to our company and overdelivered many times. Our team here at RE´FLEKT enjoys and appreciates the collaboration with him. "

Dirk Schart, Head of PR & Marketing at RE´FLEKT GmbH
" Robert gets things done no matter what. I praise his strong work ethic including his reliability and willingness to stay up late in order to get my project done fast. Looking forward to working with him soon again. "

Omar Fogliadini, CEO of Suisse Life Science
" The result is already used and highly accepted in the company. Robert is extremly responsive and did a great job creating our new sales presentation. Quick feedback, also on the weekend, great work and good interaction. "

Oliver Nützel, CEO of Regiondo


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